Current state of stem cell-based therapies: an overview

Stem Cell Investig. 2020 May 15:7:8. doi: 10.21037/sci-2020-001. eCollection 2020.


Recent research reporting successful translation of stem cell therapies to patients have enriched the hope that such regenerative strategies may one day become a treatment for a wide range of vexing diseases. In fact, the past few years witnessed, a rather exponential advancement in clinical trials revolving around stem cell-based therapies. Some of these trials resulted in remarkable impact on various diseases. In this review, the advances and challenges for the development of stem-cell-based therapies are described, with focus on the use of stem cells in dentistry in addition to the advances reached in regenerative treatment modalities in several diseases. The limitations of these treatments and ongoing challenges in the field are also discussed while shedding light on the ethical and regulatory challenges in translating autologous stem cell-based interventions, into safe and effective therapies.

Keywords: Stem cells; clinical trials; therapies; translation.

Publication types

  • Review