Exploring the Mediation Effect of Awareness and Quarantine in Affecting Rate: A Study on COVID-19

SSRN. 2020 Jun 17;3624017. doi: 10.2139/ssrn.3624017. Preprint


COVID-19 is a very smash and apprehensive health issue in the current world which broke the medical system of whole earth originated in the wholesale sea market of Wuhan city, Hubei province, China on December 12, 2019. One key technique as lockdown has been followed by almost every country to protect the transmission of the virus. Comprehensive research is needed to explore the techniques for preventing the virus besides the innovation of vaccines and medicine. This study explores the awareness and quarantine strategy whether the technique is effective or not to monitor the affecting rate of COVID-19. In addition to explore the awareness and quarantine, the effectiveness of knowledge regarding the symptoms of SARS CoV-2 to reducing the affecting rate is also examined. A total of 264 samples were used by a self-administered questionnaire. The findings of the study indicate that cough, fever, diarrhea and weakness are the common symptoms of the disease which knowledge on them significantly influences to control the affecting rate of COVID-19. The study also indicates that awareness and quarantine mediate the significant positive relationship between the symptoms of the disease and its affecting rate. The results of the study could contribute as a guideline for the patient, community, decision-maker of a particular country to monitoring the affecting rate and for a researcher as an opportunity for further study.

Keywords: awareness; quarantine and COVID-19; symptoms.

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