Role of serum HBV RNA and hepatitis B surface antigen levels in identifying Asian patients with chronic hepatitis B suitable for entecavir cessation

Gut. 2021 Apr;70(4):775-783. doi: 10.1136/gutjnl-2020-321116. Epub 2020 Aug 5.


Background: Treatment cessation in chronic HBV infection may be durable in certain patient subgroups before hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg) seroclearance. The role of serum HBV RNA in determining treatment cessation suitability has not been well-investigated.

Methods: Nucleos(t)ide analogue (NUC) treatment was discontinued in non-cirrhotic patients with chronic HBV with serum HBsAg <200 IU/mL and fulfilling internationally recommended criteria for treatment cessation. Patients were monitored till 48 weeks with baseline and serial measurements of serum HBsAg, HBV RNA and hepatitis B core-related antigen. NUCs were resumed when HBV DNA reaches >2000 IU/mL regardless of alanine aminotransferase (ALT) levels.

Results: 114 entecavir-treated patients (median age 58.4 years, median serum HBsAg 54.4 IU/mL) with median treatment duration of 6.7 years were recruited. The 48-week cumulative rate of HBV DNA >2000 IU/mL was 58.1%. End-of-treatment serum HBV RNA and off-treatment serial HBV RNA were both independently associated with HBV DNA >2000 IU/mL (HR 2.959, 95% CI 1.776 to 4.926, p<0.001; HR 2.278, 95% CI 1.151 to 4.525, p=0.018, respectively). Patients with HBV RNA ≥44.6 U/mL had a cumulative 48-week rate of 93.2%, while combining HBV RNA undetectability and HBsAg <10 IU/mL had a cumulative 48-week rate of 9.1%. 24 patients (38.7%) developed off-treatment ALT elevation, highest peak ALT was 1515 U/L. 8 patients (median serum HBsAg 2.6 IU/mL) developed HBsAg seroclearance.

Conclusion: Serum HBV RNA measurement is essential for deciding on entecavir cessation in patients with chronic HBV, especially with low HBsAg levels. Patients can be stratified on their risk of off-treatment relapse based on both viral determinants.

Trial registration number: NCT02738554.

Keywords: HBsAg; discontinuation; nucleos(t)ide; nucleoside analogue; off-treatment.

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