Prevalence of Injuries in Exercise Programs Based on Crossfit®, Cross Training and High-Intensity Functional Training Methodologies: A Systematic Review

J Hum Kinet. 2020 Jul 21:73:251-265. doi: 10.2478/hukin-2020-0006. eCollection 2020 Jul.


Current literature shows studies that question the safety of the practices carried out in high-intensity training modalities such as CrossFit®, Cross Training or High-Intensity Functional Training, which may lead to a greater risk in the prevalence of injuries. The aim of this study was to analyze in detail the prevalence of injuries occurring in training based on the CrossFit®, Cross Training or High-Intensity Functional Training modalities, through a systematic review, as well as evaluating the methodological quality of the included studies. We used the recommendations of the PRISMA protocol. For the quality analysis of the studies, we applied the tool proposed by the National Institute of Health (United States). The areas that mainly present a higher risk of injury during CrossFit, Cross Training or High-Intensity Functional Training practices are shoulders, knees and back. Additionally, 11 of the 12 included studies displayed a poor methodological quality according to the quality tool used.

Keywords: cross training; gym; high-intensity; sports injuries; training.