Sleep Disorder

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Sleep disorders are a group of conditions that disturb normal sleep patterns. Sleep disorders are one of the most common clinical problems encountered. Inadequate or non-restorative sleep can interfere with normal physical, mental, social, and emotional functioning. Sleep disorders can affect overall health, safety, and quality of life. A study showed significant impairment in the quality of life in patients with insomnia.

There are many different types of sleep disorders. The International Classification of Sleep Disorders (ICSD) helps provide a standardized classification and definitions for sleep disorders. Specifically, the third edition of the ICSD (ICSD-3) includes the following categories of sleep disorders:

  1. Insomnia

  2. Sleep-disordered breathing

  3. Central disorders of hypersomnolence

  4. Circadian rhythm sleep-wake disorders

  5. Parasomnias

  6. Sleep-related movement disorders

Sleep disorders are common in both adults and children. However, children with sleep disorders may present with different symptoms than adults. Children with sleep problems may exhibit motor overactivity, inattentiveness, irritability, or oppositional behavior rather than overt sleepiness. Here we will review sleep disorders in adults, and sleep disorders in pediatrics will be discussed in a different section.

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