Blount Disease

In: StatPearls [Internet]. Treasure Island (FL): StatPearls Publishing; 2022 Jan.


In 1937 Blount described a bilateral genu varus deformity in children. In 1964 in Sweden, Langenskiold and Riska suggested a radiograph based classification for the same. Infantile and adolescent variants are observed in this disease based on clinical presentation. Infantile type is seen under 4-year male children in both limbs, while adolescent variant is seen in the later ages of childhood .unilaterally.Parents usually notice the deformity bilaterally when the child starts walking. Obesity, African-American lineage, and early walkers are more prone to develop this disease. Medial proximal tibial physis defect, mainly in cartilage, is the cause for genu varum in these cases. The severity varies from articular cartilage irregularities to limb length discrepancies.

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