Pediatric Airway Surgeries in COVID 19 Era

Indian J Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg. 2020 Jul 27;1-4. doi: 10.1007/s12070-020-01989-5. Online ahead of print.


To outline a set of recommendations on the management of pediatric cases who requiring airway surgery in the context of COVID 19 pandemic. A set of recommendations have been prepared based on National and International published scientific literature and recent updates on COVID 19. These has been implemented in our tertiary care centre. Due to the evolving nature of COVID 19 and existing knowledge gaps, these recommendations may have to be revised periodically. The incidence of COVID 19 is very low (1-5%) in the pediatric age group with relatively good prognosis. Pediatric airway surgeries should be restricted to emergency cases only. The decision of postponement of the surgical cases should be taken by the team of senior pediatric airway surgeons. Flexible laryngoscopy should be avoided. Foreign body cases should undergo a computed tomography scan to avoid diagnostic bronchoscopies. All the measures should be taken to prevent direct contact of aerosol so powered instruments should not be used unless mandatory. Protective draping method should be adopted to prevent aerosol exposure. As paediatric airway surgeries are aerosol generating procedure where the risk of contracting COVID 19 by the surgeons and support staff is very high, we suggest recommendations to prevent the contact with infected aerosol. We assure these recommendations are easy to follow and can impact good quality outcome during this pandemic crisis.

Keywords: COVID 19; Pediatric airway surgery; Precautions; Surgical drape.