When Two Pandemics Meet: Why Is Obesity Associated with Increased COVID-19 Mortality?

Med (N Y). 2020 Dec 18;1(1):33-42. doi: 10.1016/j.medj.2020.06.005. Epub 2020 Jun 29.


A growing body of evidence indicates that obesity is strongly and independently associated with adverse outcomes of COVID-19, including death. By combining emerging knowledge of the pathological processes involved in COVID-19 with insights into the mechanisms underlying the adverse health consequences of obesity, we present some hypotheses regarding the deleterious impact of obesity on the course of COVID-19. These hypotheses are testable and could guide therapeutic and preventive interventions. As obesity is now almost ubiquitous and no vaccine for COVID-19 is currently available, even a modest reduction in the impact of obesity on mortality and morbidity from this viral infection could have profound consequences for public health.

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