Emerging Treatment Options of Regenerative Medicine in Severe Corona Virus/COVID 19 Infections

Int J Stem Cells. 2020 Nov 30;13(3):305-311. doi: 10.15283/ijsc20076.


COVID-19 pandemic has brought the whole world stand still, locked down in their homes, infecting more than 8 million people, and many thousands (449,182) -have lost their lives across the globe. Due to lack of any definitive medicine or vaccine, treatment options are supportive of oxygenation, antiviral, antiretroviral drugs, antibiotics, fluid/ electrolyte, mechanical ventilation with ICU (Intensive Care Unit) support, and chloroquine/hydroxychloroquine have been tried to fight this infection. However, mortality due to severe pneumonia, ARDS (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome), and multiorgan failure arising from the overactive immune response (storm) mediated by cytokines remains a treatment challenge in elderly and patients with severe medical comorbidities. Recently, anti-inflammatory, angiogenic, immune-modular, and healing properties of intravenous injections of culture derived stem cells have been proposed and shown to benefits in a small number of patients with severe COVID-19 infections. Based on previous experience with other viral infections, convalescent plasma, and serum transfusion are being used as a source of neutralizing antibody/factors to minimize the effects of inflammatory cytokines in this infection. Immunotherapy with purified monoclonal antibodies and conditioned serum with a mixture of unique cytokines are also being developed. Regenerative Medicine has emerged as a crucial adjuvant tool in promoting healing and early recovery in severe COVID-19 infections and other supportive treatments.

Keywords: COVID-19; Corona virus; Regenerative medicine; Severe infections; Treatment options.

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