Towards Functional Parts by Binder Jetting Calcium-Sulphate with Thermal Treatment Post-Processing

Materials (Basel). 2020 Aug 29;13(17):3818. doi: 10.3390/ma13173818.


The objective of our research is to improve the properties of calcium-sulphate hemihydrate parts printed by binder jetting. In this paper, we show the thermal treatment results when using temperature time ramps on binder-jetted ceramic parts without infiltrating. The results show that the mechanical properties of printed parts are improved substantially. Two different thermal cycles were investigated for their effect on the dehydration process of CaSO½H2O using infrared analysis. The thermal-treated samples were compared with respect to porosity, surface roughness, compression strength and dimensional and weight variation. The proposed thermal treatment significantly improves the compression strength in a short time, guaranteeing dimensional stability while providing a good surface. This improvement in mechanical properties offers a great chance for using binder-jetted parts as functional components, for example, in the casting field or the medical sector (scaffolds).

Keywords: additive manufacturing; binder jetting; calcium-sulphate; post-processing; thermal treatment.