Zapałowicz's Conspectus florae Galiciae criticus: Clarification of publication dates for nomenclatural purposes and bibliographic notes

PhytoKeys. 2020 Aug 7;155:53-85. doi: 10.3897/phytokeys.155.51072. eCollection 2020.


Work on the catalogue of type specimens of vascular plants deposited in the KRAM herbarium has highlighted uncertainties and errors in references to place of valid publication of numerous taxa described by Hugo Zapałowicz in his Conspectus florae Galiciae criticus - Krytyczny przegląd roślinności Galicyi (1904-1914). Zapałowicz published his work in an excerpt series, a serial publication and a multi-volume book, with much duplication amongst these three different forms. Despite the importance of this work, no studies have clarified the dates of publication of its various parts, as relevant to the nomenclature of numerous new taxa of Central European vascular plants described therein: 94 species and hybrids, 10 subspecies and more than 2000 other infraspecific taxa. Here, the publication dates of the component parts of Zapałowicz's work are clarified and discussed. Archival sources that made it possible to determine publication dates of these works are described in detail.

Keywords: Hugo Zapałowicz; bibliography; botanical nomenclature; history of publication; priority; taxonomic botanical literature; verification.