Spectral Efficiency Augmentation in Uplink Massive MIMO Systems by Increasing Transmit Power and Uniform Linear Array Gain

Sensors (Basel). 2020 Sep 2;20(17):4982. doi: 10.3390/s20174982.


Improved Spectral Efficiency (SE) is a prominent feature of Massive Multiple-Input and Multiple-Output systems. These systems are prepared with antenna clusters at receiver (Rx) and transmitter (Tx). In this paper, we examined a massive MIMO system to increase SE in each cell that ultimately improves the area throughput of the system. We are aiming to find appropriate values of average cell-density (D), available bandwidth (B), and SE to maximize area throughput because it is the function of these parameters. Likewise, a SE augmentation model was developed to attain an increased transmit power and antenna array gain. The proposed model also considers the inter-user interference from neighboring cells along with incident angles of desired and interfering users. Moreover, simulation results validate the proposed model that is implementable in real-time scenarios by realizing maximum SE of 12.79 bits/s/Hz in Line of Sight (LoS) and 12.69 bits/s/Hz in Non-Line of Sight (NLoS) scenarios, respectively. The proposed results also substantiate the SE augmentation because it is a linear function of transmit power and array gain while using the Uniform Linear Array (ULA) configuration. The findings of this work ensure the efficient transmission of information in future networks.

Keywords: area throughput; channel gain; future networks; inter-cell interference; line-of-site; non-line-of-site; signal-to-noise interference ratio; signal-to-noise ratio; spectral efficiency; transmit power; uniform linear array.