Drop Drying on the Sensor: One More Way for Comparative Analysis of Liquid Media

Sensors (Basel). 2020 Sep 15;20(18):5266. doi: 10.3390/s20185266.


It is known that the processes of self-organization of the components of drying a liquid drop on a solid substrate are well reproduced under the same external conditions and are determined only by the composition and dispersion of the liquid. If the drop dries on the surface of the sensor device, these processes can be recorded and used as a passport characteristic of the liquid. The first half of the article is devoted to the description of the principles of the method and the proof of the validity of our assumptions. The second half of the article is devoted to the development of a user-friendly version of the device, where the change in the real and imaginary parts of the electrical impedance of the resonator was used as an informative parameter. The measure of the closeness of the relative positions of the hodographs of the compared samples on the complex plane is used as a criterion for the similarity-/-difference of various liquids. The design of a new sensor device and the results of its tests for distinguishing between different brands of alcoholic beverages and reconstituted milk of different concentrations are presented.

Keywords: comparative analysis; drying drops; recognition statistics; sensor device; signal processing.