Training primary care professionals in multimorbidity management: Educational assessment of the eMULTIPAP course

Mech Ageing Dev. 2020 Sep 15;192:111354. doi: 10.1016/j.mad.2020.111354. Online ahead of print.


Multimorbidity (MM) is a widespread problem and it poses unsolved issues like the healthcare professionals' training. A training curriculum has been proposed, but it has not been sufficiently explored in a clinical context. The eMULTIPAP course is part of the MULTIPAP complex intervention, applied through a pragmatic controlled, cluster randomized clinical trial to general practitioners (GP) and his/her patients with MM with 12 months follow-up. The eMULTIPAP course is based on problem-based learning, constructivism and Ariadne principles. It has been assessed according to the Kirkpatrick model and has shown knowledge improvement and high applicability of learning with more motivation to consider MM in the clinical practice. It has also improved the Medication Appropriateness Index at 6-months and at 12- months. We conclude that the eMULTIPAP course generates significant changes in GP's learning, enhancing clinical practice in multimorbidity scenarios.

Keywords: Educational measurement; Inappropriate prescribing; Medical education; Multimorbidity; Polypharmacy; Primary health care; Problem-based learning.