From creative thinking to scientific principles in clinical practice

Injury. 2021 Jan;52(1):32-36. doi: 10.1016/j.injury.2020.09.036. Epub 2020 Sep 29.


Stephan Perren's contributions to the understanding and application of the principles of bone pathobiology, healing, and fracture fixation to clinical care remain as a lasting legacy of a great creative mind. Less well appreciated perhaps were his important contributions to the dissemination and practical application of those principles through the use of technology as applied to the learning environment. This paper describes and pays tribute to a series of initiatives in which Perren was a leading mentor and collaborator in the development of methods and instruments through which the principles of bone mechano-pathobiology could be translated through active learning environments into the practical world of clinical musculoskeletal traumatology.

Keywords: AO Foundation; Education; ICUC; OSAPP; Stephan Perren; Strain theory; Surgical skills.

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