Novel Low-Voltage Electro-Ejaculation Approach for Sperm Collection from Zoo Captive Lanyu Miniature Pigs (Sus barbatus sumatranus)

Animals (Basel). 2020 Oct 7;10(10):1825. doi: 10.3390/ani10101825.


Semen collection can be achieved via hand penile massage or rectal stimulation using electro-ejaculation methods. Traditional electro-ejaculation procedure applied relatively high voltage of 3-15 volts with a maximum current of 900 mA. However, these manipulations often result in great stress and discomforts in animals. In this study, we showed low-voltage electro-ejaculation procedure using 2-3 volts with a maximum current of 500 mA can efficiently stimulated ejaculations in zoo captive lanyu miniature pigs with a high success rate of 81.3% (13/16). Besides normal semen properties (semen volume, pH, sperm concentration), we demonstrated that low-voltage electro-ejaculation caused less stress in the animals, and sperm cells obtained via low-voltage electro-ejaculation exhibit low abnormality (10.3%), high viability (84.3%), motility (75.7%), progressive motility (63.7%), and acrosome integrity (88%). However, cryopreservation protocol used in the current study requires further optimization, as sperm mitochondrial function was partially compromised during freezing procedures. Taken together, we demonstrated in this study that a low-voltage electro-ejaculation approach can be used to obtain quality sperm cells from zoo captive lanyu miniature pig with less physical stress during electro-ejaculation procedure.

Keywords: electro-ejaculation; semen collection; wild boar; zoo.