Biochemical and economical effect of application biostimulants containing seaweed extracts and amino acids as an element of agroecological management of bean cultivation

Sci Rep. 2020 Oct 20;10(1):17759. doi: 10.1038/s41598-020-74959-0.


The implementation of agronomic activities, based on the use of biostimulants, is an important element of agroecological practices. Therefore, comprehensive research was carried on the use of biostimulants. A field experiment was performed in 2016-2018 with common bean of Mexican Black cultivar. In particular growing seasons, bean plants were treated with Kelpak SL (seaweed extracts) and Terra Sorb Complex (free amino acids) in the form of single and double spraying with two solutions concentrations. According to the obtained data, application of biostimulants increased the yield of bean. Better results were observed after the use of Kelpak SL. The application of preparations influenced nutritional and nutraceutical quality of bean seeds. Terra Sorb Complex caused the highest increase in proteins level. In the light of achieved data, biostimulants in similar level decreased the starch accumulation. The most promising results, in the context of nutraceutical value of bean, were obtained in the case of increasing level of fiber. A positive impact of biostimulants on the seeds antioxidant potential was noted, expressed by the increased synthesis of phenolics, flavonoid, anthocyanins and antioxidant activities. Results of this study, directly indicate economic benefits from the use of biostimulants, which are extremely important to the farmers.

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  • Amino Acids
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