Design and Implementation of an 11mm Improvised Laparoscopic System for Performing a Single-Port Laparoscopic Hysterectomy through the Smallest Incision Ever Reported

Surg Technol Int. 2020 Nov 28:37:149-153.


As a major institute in the field of minimally invasive gynecologic surgery, we constantly endeavor to develop and perform the least-invasive surgeries possible. In laparoscopy and robot-assisted laparoscopy, we should expect that complex surgeries that are currently undertaken with the use of many ports of a given diameter will eventually be accomplished with smaller incisions and fewer ports. There will always be clinical scenarios that require a more invasive approach, either because of adhesive tissues or a complex pathology. However, many routine cases will yield themselves to extremely minimally invasive techniques. In this report, we explain how we designed and ultimately used an improvised 11mm laparoscopic single-port system to perform a single-port hysterectomy through a bluntly created 11mm incision. The system was completely devised using currently available and easily obtainable surgical equipment approved in the United States, to maximize the reproducibility of the surgery. The surgery includes the creation of a working incision using an 11mm blunt laparoscopic trocar, to consistently produce a repeatedly small footprint. The surgery was performed successfully and without complication. To the best of our knowledge, this is the smallest reported single-incision hysterectomy.

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