Organotypic Models to Study Human Glioblastoma: Studying the Beast in Its Ecosystem

iScience. 2020 Oct 1;23(10):101633. doi: 10.1016/j.isci.2020.101633. eCollection 2020 Oct 23.


Glioblastoma is a very aggressive primary brain tumor in adults, with very low survival rates and no curative treatments. The high failure rate of drug development for this cancer is linked to the high-cost, time-consuming, and inefficient models used to study the disease. Advances in stem cell and in vitro cultures technologies are promising, however, and here we present the advantages and limitations of available organotypic culture models and discuss their possible applications for studying glioblastoma.

Keywords: Bioengineering; Cancer; Clinical Neuroscience; Tissue Engineering.

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  • Review