Development of Scientific Fishery Biomass Estimator: System Design and Prototyping

Sensors (Basel). 2020 Oct 27;20(21):6095. doi: 10.3390/s20216095.


This paper presents a new compact single beam advanced echosounder system designed to estimate fish count in real time. The proposed device is a standalone system, which consists of a transducer, a processing unit, a keypad, and a display unit to show output. A fish counting algorithm was developed and implemented in the device. The device is capable of performing all the functions required for fish abundance estimation including target strength calculation, simultaneous echo integration, and echogram generation. During operation, the device analyzes ping data continuously and calculates various parameters in real time while simultaneously displaying the echogram and results on the screen. The device has been evaluated by technical verification in a lab and on-site experiments. The experimental results demonstrate that the proposed device is on par with a commercial echosounder and is capable of accurately estimating the fish abundance. The proposed device is beneficial for fish management.

Keywords: FPGA; biomass; closed pen; echosounder; fish counter; fish detection; hydroacoustic; prototyping.

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