COVID-19 patients and contacted person awareness about home quarantine instructions

Int J Clin Pract. 2021 Apr;75(4):e13810. doi: 10.1111/ijcp.13810. Epub 2020 Nov 17.


Objective: One of the keys elements to control the transmission of COVID-19 is to decrease the source of infection and transmission to the community. Following the instructions is very important to achieve that. This study aimed to evaluate awareness and practices related to the COVID-19 quarantine instructions among the home quarantine COVID-19 patients, and persons who contacted them at home quarantine.

Methods: During May and June 2020, the home quarantine COVID-19 patients (mild and moderate cases who need not be admitted to hospital) and the contacting persons were asked to fill an online structured questionnaire. Data were collected to assess the awareness regarding the quarantine instructions. The questionnaire was divided into three sections, consisting of 35 questions for a total possible score of 0-35. The first section was to assess the participants' awareness [19 items]; the second was to assess the awareness of the participants' families [11 items]; the third was to assessing awareness and attitude regarding the efforts provided to face COVID-19 [5 items].

Results: A total of 300 subjects participated, 96% of them were committed not to leave the house till the end of the self-isolation period; 85% cared for house cleanliness and good ventilation of rooms; 63% maintained a balanced diet without fats, oil, and sugar; 70% used vitamins D and A to strengthen the immune system. The important role of the media in informing subjects of COVID-19 was known by 90%, while 63% of the participants are not satisfied with the hospital services in the area where they live. The average score of this questionnaire was 28.18/35 (80.5%) about the awareness of COVID-19 quarantine instructions.

Conclusion: Home quarantined COVID-19 patients and people in close contact with them in the study had a good awareness of the home quarantine instructions. They had good knowledge about the home quarantine instructions; instructions for family members of infected patients; and awareness and attitude of the efforts provided to counter COVID-19.

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