The Effect of Feedback on Surgeon Performance: A Narrative Review

Adv Orthop. 2020 Oct 19;2020:3746908. doi: 10.1155/2020/3746908. eCollection 2020.


Surgeons play a critical role in the healthcare community and provide a service that can tremendously impact patients' livelihood. However, there are relatively few means for monitoring surgeons' performance quality and seeking improvement. Surgeon-level data provide an important metric for quality improvement and future training. A narrative review was conducted to analyze the utility of providing surgeons direct feedback on their individual performance. The articles selected identified means of collecting surgeon-specific data, suggested ways to report this information, identified pertinent gaps in the field, and concluded the results of giving feedback to surgeons. There is a relative sparsity of data pertaining to the effect of providing surgeons with information regarding their individual performance. However, the literature available does suggest that providing surgeons with individualized feedback can help make meaningful improvements in the quality of practice and can be done in a way that is safe for the surgeons' reputation.

Publication types

  • Review