Nikkomycin Z-Ready to Meet the Promise?

J Fungi (Basel). 2020 Oct 30;6(4):261. doi: 10.3390/jof6040261.


Nikkomycin Z (NikZ) has fungicidal activity against some fungal species which currently requires patients to endure chronic therapy, sometimes for years. This review highlights reports of NikZ activity against fungal species for which current therapeutics are still inadequate, as a potential roadmap for continuing investigation. The possibility of faster and more complete clinical resolution by using NikZ has attracted scientific attention for decades. NikZ inhibits chitin structure formation, which is important for fungi, but not found in mammals. NikZ raised no safety concerns in a human Phase 1 trial or in extensive toxicology studies. NikZ showed strong clinical benefit in dogs with natural Coccidioides infection. NikZ has protected animals against fatal infections of Candida albicans. NikZ provides high protection in synergistic combination with several agent classes against Candida and Aspergillus species.

Keywords: Aspergillus fumigatus; Candida albicans; Coccidioides spp.; NikZ; antifungal; combination therapy; endemic dimorphic fungi; nikkomycin Z; opportunistic fungi.

Publication types

  • Review