Argonaut: A Web Platform for Collaborative Multi-omic Data Visualization and Exploration

Patterns (N Y). 2020 Oct 9;1(7):100122. doi: 10.1016/j.patter.2020.100122.


Researchers now generate large multi-omic datasets using increasingly mature mass spectrometry techniques at an astounding pace, facing new challenges of "Big Data" dissemination, visualization, and exploration. Conveniently, web-based data portals accommodate the complexity of multi-omic experiments and the many experts involved. However, developing these tailored companion resources requires programming expertise and knowledge of web server architecture-a substantial burden for most. Here, we describe Argonaut, a simple, code-free, and user-friendly platform for creating customizable, interactive data-hosting websites. Argonaut carries out real-time statistical analyses of the data, which it organizes into easily sharable projects. Collaborating researchers worldwide can explore the results, visualized through popular plots, and modify them to streamline data interpretation. Increasing the pace and ease of access to multi-omic data, Argonaut aims to propel discovery of new biological insights. We showcase the capabilities of this tool using a published multi-omics dataset on the large mitochondrial protease deletion collection.