Laboratory Calibration of Energy Measurement Systems (EMS) under AC Distorted Waveforms

Sensors (Basel). 2020 Nov 5;20(21):6301. doi: 10.3390/s20216301.


Current standard EN 50463-2 indicates the tests and the requirements to be satisfied for an energy measurement system of a traction unit for railway applications. Some of these tests are to be done with several harmonics superposed on the rated voltage, respectively current. However, no calibration systems satisfying the standard requirements were available few years ago. The work performed in the EURAMET project "MyRailS" leads to the development of fictive power sources and reference measurement systems described in this paper. Therefore, it is possible to generate distorted 25 kV-50 Hz voltages with harmonics up to 5 kHz and 90° phase-fired currents up to 500 A with harmonics up to 5 kHz. The generated power is measured by developed traceable reference systems with accuracy better than 0.5%.

Keywords: calibration procedure; calibration setup; distorted regime; energy measurement; energy measuring system; fictive power source; harmonic waveform; railway system.