A roadmap of resident-led initiatives to promote research within the radiology department

Clin Imaging. 2020 Nov 14;72:58-63. doi: 10.1016/j.clinimag.2020.11.032. Online ahead of print.


Rational: While radiology residents must participate in a scholarly project per Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) Program Requirements, some residency programs may lack a well-thought out, cohesive approach to research that incorporates the residents' perspective. Our objective was to improve the radiology resident research experience with resident-led initiatives.

Material and methods: An annual resident research survey was created and distributed to 28 radiology residents in December 2018. Following the survey, a newly formed resident research committee developed a six-step strategic framework of resident-led initiatives to promote research and scholarly activity within the department: Reflect, Recruit, Regroup, Revive, Recognize, and Review. Outcomes of this framework were evaluated with the second annual resident research survey in December 2019.

Results: Our institution identified areas of improvement on the 2019 survey after the implementation of the six-step initiatives upon comparison to the 2018 survey. A greater number of residents reported that they had adequate or somewhat adequate resources for research within the department in 2019 (95.2% [20/21]) in comparison to 2018 (70.6% [12/17]) (p = 0.03). A greater percentage of residents found available research projects engaging/interesting in 2019 (80.9% [17/21]) compared to 2018 (70.6% 12/17) (p = 0.49). The most commonly reported departmental resources needed to encourage research on the 2019 survey were dedicated research time (26.9%, 18 out of 67 total responses) and mentorship/encouragement from the faculty (19.4%, 13/67).

Conclusion: With a specific framework and appropriate departmental support, resident-led initiatives can improve the research experience within the radiology department from the residents' perspective.

Keywords: Interprofessional education; Milestone education; Program development; Resident education; Resident research; Scholarly project.