Important updates from the AACR virtual meeting: COVID-19 and cancer

Future Sci OA. 2020 Sep 18;6(9):FSO630. doi: 10.2144/fsoa-2020-0132.


In this article, we present the pivotal abstracts presented at the 'AACR Virtual Meeting: COVID-19 and Cancer' held in July 2020. Much is unknown regarding the effect of COVID-19 on cancer patients, and this conference presented important updates in therapeutics and epidemiology. Specifically, cancer therapeutics have been hypothesized to treat cytokine release syndrome in patients with COVID-19, and the JAK1/2 inhibitor, ruxolitinib, is currently being used in a Phase III trial to assess its efficacy. Additionally, similar to other studies, morbidity and mortality in patients with COVID-19 and cancer appear to be worse in older patients and in males. We also present various COVID-19 data related to breast cancer, lung cancer, hematologic malignancies, melanoma and prostate cancer.

Keywords: COVID-19; cancer; cytokine release syndrome; oncology; vaccine.