Design and Validation of an E-Textile-Based Wearable Sock for Remote Gait and Postural Assessment

Sensors (Basel). 2020 Nov 23;20(22):6691. doi: 10.3390/s20226691.


This paper presents a new wearable e-textile based system, named SWEET Sock, for biomedical signals remote monitoring. The system includes a textile sensing sock, an electronic unit for data transmission, a custom-made Android application for real-time signal visualization, and a software desktop for advanced digital signal processing. The device allows the acquisition of angular velocities of the lower limbs and plantar pressure signals, which are postprocessed to have a complete and schematic overview of patient's clinical status, regarding gait and postural assessment. In this work, device performances are validated by evaluating the agreement between the prototype and an optoelectronic system for gait analysis on a set of free walk acquisitions. Results show good agreement between the systems in the assessment of gait cycle time and cadence, while the presence of systematic and proportional errors are pointed out for swing and stance time parameters. Worse results were obtained in the comparison of spatial metrics. The "wearability" of the system and its comfortable use make it suitable to be used in domestic environment for the continuous remote health monitoring of de-hospitalized patients but also in the ergonomic assessment of health workers, thanks to its low invasiveness.

Keywords: Internet of Things; e-textile; gait analysis; m-health; plantar pressure; validation; wearable devices.

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