Genetic control of translational fidelity in yeast: molecular cloning and analysis of the allosuppressor gene SAL3

Mol Gen Genet. 1987 Dec;210(3):581-3. doi: 10.1007/BF00327216.


The fidelity of translation in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae is controlled by a number of gene products. We have begun a molecular analysis of such genes and here describe the cloning and analysis of one of these genes, SAL3. Mutations at this locus, and at least four other unlinked loci (designated SAL1-SAL5), increase the efficiency of the tRNA ochre suppressor SUQ5, and are thus termed allosuppressors. We have cloned the SAL3 gene from a yeast genomic library by complementation of a sal3 mutation. Integration of the cloned sequence into the yeast chromosome was used to confirm that the SAL3 gene had been cloned. SAL3 gene is present in a single copy in the yeast genome, is transcribed into a 2.3-kb polyadenylated mRNA and encodes a protein of Mr 80,000. The size of the SAL3 gene product strongly suggests that it is not a ribosomal protein.

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