myPresto/omegagene 2020: a molecular dynamics simulation engine for virtual-system coupled sampling

Biophys Physicobiol. 2020 Oct 15;17:140-146. doi: 10.2142/biophysico.BSJ-2020013. eCollection 2020.


The molecular dynamics (MD) method is a promising approach for investigating the molecular mechanisms of microscopic phenomena. In particular, generalized ensemble MD methods can efficiently explore the conformational space with a rugged free-energy surface. However, the implementation and acquisition of technical knowledge for each generalized ensemble MD method are not straightforward for end-users. Here, we present a new version of the myPresto/omegagene software, which is an MD simulation engine tailored for a series of generalized ensemble methods, which are virtual-system coupled multicanonical MD (V-McMD), virtual-system coupled adaptive umbrella sampling (V-AUS), and virtual-system coupled canonical MD (VcMD). This program has been applied in several studies analyzing free-energy landscapes of a variety of molecular systems with all-atom simulations. The updated version provides new functionality for coarse-grained simulations powered by the hydrophobicity scale method. The software package includes a step-by-step tutorial document for enhanced conformational sampling of the poly-glutamine (poly-Q) oligomer expressed as a one-bead per residue model. The myPresto/omegagene software is freely available at the following URL: under the Apache2 license.

Keywords: GPGPU; generalized ensemble; high performance computing; molecular simulation; software.