Exact Renormalization Groups As a Form of Entropic Dynamics

Entropy (Basel). 2018 Jan 4;20(1):25. doi: 10.3390/e20010025.


The Renormalization Group (RG) is a set of methods that have been instrumental in tackling problems involving an infinite number of degrees of freedom, such as, for example, in quantum field theory and critical phenomena. What all these methods have in common-which is what explains their success-is that they allow a systematic search for those degrees of freedom that happen to be relevant to the phenomena in question. In the standard approaches the RG transformations are implemented by either coarse graining or through a change of variables. When these transformations are infinitesimal, the formalism can be described as a continuous dynamical flow in a fictitious time parameter. It is generally the case that these exact RG equations are functional diffusion equations. In this paper we show that the exact RG equations can be derived using entropic methods. The RG flow is then described as a form of entropic dynamics of field configurations. Although equivalent to other versions of the RG, in this approach the RG transformations receive a purely inferential interpretation that establishes a clear link to information theory.

Keywords: entropic dynamics; entropic inference; exact renormalization group; maximum entropy; renormalization.

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