Hermite Functions, Lie Groups and Fourier Analysis

Entropy (Basel). 2018 Oct 23;20(11):816. doi: 10.3390/e20110816.


In this paper, we present recent results in harmonic analysis in the real line R and in the half-line R + , which show a closed relation between Hermite and Laguerre functions, respectively, their symmetry groups and Fourier analysis. This can be done in terms of a unified framework based on the use of rigged Hilbert spaces. We find a relation between the universal enveloping algebra of the symmetry groups with the fractional Fourier transform. The results obtained are relevant in quantum mechanics as well as in signal processing as Fourier analysis has a close relation with signal filters. In addition, we introduce some new results concerning a discretized Fourier transform on the circle. We introduce new functions on the circle constructed with the use of Hermite functions with interesting properties under Fourier transformations.

Keywords: Fourier analysis; quantum mechanics; rigged Hilbert spaces; signal processing; special functions.