A New Quantum Blind Signature Scheme with BB84-State

Entropy (Basel). 2019 Mar 28;21(4):336. doi: 10.3390/e21040336.


The blind signature is widely used in cryptography applications because it can prevent the signer from gaining the original message. Owing to the unconditional security, the quantum blind signature is more advantageous than the classical one. In this paper, we propose a new provable secure quantum blind signature scheme with the nonorthogonal single-photon BB84-state and provide a new method to encode classical messages into quantum signature states. The message owner injects a randomizing factor into the original message and then strips the blind factor from the quantum blind signature signed by the blind signer. The verifier can validate the quantum signature and announce it publicly. At last, the analytical results show that the proposed scheme satisfies all of the security requirements of the blind signature: blindness, unforgeability, non-repudiation, unlinkability, and traceability. Due to there being no use of quantum entanglement states, the total feasibility and practicability of the scheme are obviously better than the previous ones.

Keywords: BB84-state; quantum blind signature; quantum encryption algorithm; quantum fingerprint; unconditional security.