Primary squamous cell carcinoma of major salivary gland: "Sapienza Head and Neck Unit" clinical recommendations

Rare Tumors. 2020 Nov 24;12:2036361320973526. doi: 10.1177/2036361320973526. eCollection 2020.


Primary squamous cell carcinoma of salivary gland (SCG) is an extremely rare type of malignant salivary gland tumor, which in turn results in scarcity of data available regarding both its treatment and associated genetic alterations. A retrospective analysis of 12 patients with primary SCG was conducted, along with analysis of the association between treatment, clinical/pathological characteristics, and outcomes. Most patients (8) were staged IVa, with the majority of them (10) having G3 fast growing cancer. Local and systemic recurrence were reported in only three out of nine parotid cases (0 out of 2 submandibular SCGs). In two out of eight patients local relapse occurred after integrated treatment, while recurrence occurred in two out of three patients undergoing exclusive surgery. Five patients eventually died. Treatment of resectable disease must be aggressive and multimodal, with achievement of loco-regional control in order to reduce rate of recurrence and improve outcomes. Metastatic disease would require a therapeutic strategy tailored to the molecular profile in order to improve the currently disappointing results.

Keywords: Primary squamous cell carcinoma; parotid gland; parotidectomy; salivary gland neoplasms; sialoadenectomy; submandibular gland.