Bounds on the Transmit Power of b-Modulated NFDM Systems in Anomalous Dispersion Fiber

Entropy (Basel). 2020 Jun 9;22(6):639. doi: 10.3390/e22060639.


The performance of various nonlinear frequency division multiplexed (NFDM) fiber-optic transmission systems has been observed to decrease with increasing signal duration. For a class of NFDM systems known as b-modulators, we show that the nonlinear bandwidth, signal duration, and power are coupled when singularities in the nonlinear spectrum are avoided. When the nonlinear bandwidth is fixed, the coupling results in an upper bound on the transmit power that decreases with increasing signal duration. Signal-to-noise ratios are consequently expected to decrease, which can help explain drops in performance observed in practice. Furthermore, we show that there is often a finite bound on the transmit power of b-modulators even if spectral singularities are allowed.

Keywords: b-modulation; nonlinear Fourier transform; nonlinear frequency division multiplexing; power limitation.

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