Geometric Aspects of the Isentropic Liquid Dynamics and Vorticity Invariants

Entropy (Basel). 2020 Oct 31;22(11):1241. doi: 10.3390/e22111241.


We review a modern differential geometric description of fluid isentropic motion and features of it including diffeomorphism group structure, modelling the related dynamics, as well as its compatibility with the quasi-stationary thermodynamical constraints. We analyze the adiabatic liquid dynamics, within which, following the general approach, the nature of the related Poissonian structure on the fluid motion phase space as a semidirect Banach groups product, and a natural reduction of the canonical symplectic structure on its cotangent space to the classical Lie-Poisson bracket on the adjoint space to the corresponding semidirect Lie algebras product are explained in detail. We also present a modification of the Hamiltonian analysis in case of a flow governed by isothermal liquid dynamics. We study the differential-geometric structure of isentropic magneto-hydrodynamic superfluid phase space and its related motion within the Hamiltonian analysis and related invariant theory. In particular, we construct an infinite hierarchy of different kinds of integral magneto-hydrodynamic invariants, generalizing those previously constructed in the literature, and analyzing their differential-geometric origins. A charged liquid dynamics on the phase space invariant with respect to an abelian gauge group transformation is also investigated, and some generalizations of the canonical Lie-Poisson type bracket is presented.

Keywords: Lie-Poisson structure; charged liquid fluid dynamics; diffeomorphism group; hydrodynamic Euler equations; isentropic hydrodynamic invariants; liquid flow; symmetry reduction; vortex invariants.

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  • Review