Ergogenic effects of lifting straps on movement velocity, grip strength, perceived exertion and grip security during the deadlift exercise

Physiol Behav. 2021 Feb 1:229:113283. doi: 10.1016/j.physbeh.2020.113283. Epub 2020 Dec 8.


It is possible that during resistance training, a weak link in the kinetic chain could possibly result in under-stimulated prime movers. Since grip strength can be a limiting factor during multiple sets of various pulling exercises such as deadlifts, it is important to determine how lifting straps can affect mechanical performance, grip strength, perceived exertion and perceived grip security and power. Sixteen males (24.4 ± 2.3 y; 181.6 ± 5.8 cm; 86.6 ± 8.2 kg) completed three protocols: 4 sets of 4 repetitions without straps using 80% of their without-straps 1-repetition max (DLnn); the same protocol with straps based on their without-straps 1-repetition max (DLwn); and the same with straps based on their with-straps 1-repetitions max (DLww). DLwn allowed for greater mean velocity (MV) and peak velocity (PV) than DLnn and DLww, while MV and PV were greater during DLnn than DLww. The magnitude of grip fatigue was lower during DLwn and DLww than DLn. Perceived grip security and power were greater during DLwn and DLww compared to DLn. Perceived exertion was lower during DLwn than DLnn and DLww. These findings suggest that the use of lifting straps during deadlifts allows for a better maintenance of grip strength, faster grip strength recovery following training, and greater perceived grip security and power than deadlifts performed without lifting straps, while also increasing mechanical performance and decreasing the perceived exertion. Therefore, the ergogenic potential of the lifting straps has important training implications and should be considered during RT involving the deadlift exercise and possibly other pulling exercises.

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