An open source motorized swivel for in vivo neural and behavioral recordings

MethodsX. 2020 Dec 3:7:101167. doi: 10.1016/j.mex.2020.101167. eCollection 2020.


In this work we propose an open source, cost-effective motorized swivel for behavioral and neural recordings in small rodents, offering a flexible solution for managing cable twisting and tangling in a variety of experimental settings with minimal human supervision.•The device operates independently of the data acquisition system, and it can be controlled through any popular platform such as Arduino or Raspberry Pi.•All mechanical parts are 3D-printed, allowing to customize the design to fit specific experimental needs, and electromechanical components can be sourced from all major distributors, keeping the cost for the entire system under $500.•The proposed commutator is compatible with commercial or custom data acquisition systems supporting up to 10 data lines (2 for LVDS signals) and 2 power lines.

Keywords: Motorized commutator; Motorized slip ring; Neural recording swivel.