Metastatic adult neuroblastoma with spontaneous tumor lysis syndrome

Autops Case Rep. 2020 Sep 2;10(4):e2020181. doi: 10.4322/acr.2020.181.


Neuroblastoma (NB) is a solid tumor of the sympathetic nervous system, most commonly found in childhood, standing for 7% of all pediatric malignancies. The incidence in adults is markedly smaller: 1 case per 10 million adults per year. We report the case of a previously healthy 27-year-old woman who started with lumbar pain, asthenia, and abdominal distension over the last month. A chest and abdomen tomography scan showed a huge mass in the upper left hemithorax and marked hepatomegaly. The diagnosis was confirmed by hepatic and lung biopsies. On day 4, after admission, the patient started chemotherapy. On the following days, she had severe vaginal bleeding, epistaxis, worsening of the hepatic function markers, refractory shock, and multiple organ dysfunction. She died on the twelfth day of admission. We also present a review of adult cases of NB reported in the past 5 years.

Keywords: adult neuroblastoma; neuroblastoma; tumor lysis syndrome.

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