Web-based imaging viewer for real-color volumetric reconstruction of human visible project and DICOM datasets

Clin Anat. 2020 Dec 21. doi: 10.1002/ca.23712. Online ahead of print.


Anatomy remains a cornerstone of medical education. It is vital that students achieve a robust understanding of the spatial relationships between anatomical structures in three dimensions. Volumetric medical imaging studies and true-color cryosectional three-dimensional images of visible human datasets are useful for enhancing anatomy education. However, the software systems available for viewing these datasets have important limitations. A web-based application called Mulrecon Color, which can overcome a number of those limitations, is introduced. Mulrecon Color enables volumetric medical and full color cryosectional datasets to be explored without requiring installation, and can therefore be used on a broad range of desktop, mobile, and even virtual reality devices. The web-based application has an interface that resembles a DICOM viewer used in radiological practice, and can be used both in anatomical labs and off campus for self-study. The Mulrecon Color application is released as an open source tool. It can be retrieved at a project website where sample datasets are also available.

Keywords: anatomy; computer graphics; education, distance; education, medical; medical informatics; radiology.