Comparative study of the mucin-type sugar chains of human chorionic gonadotropin present in the urine of patients with trophoblastic diseases and healthy pregnant women

J Biol Chem. 1988 Jan 25;263(3):1157-65.


Human chorionic gonadotropins (hCGs) highly purified from the urine of patients with trophoblastic diseases and of healthy pregnant women contain approximately four mucin-type sugar chains in one molecule. The structures of these sugar chains were studied comparatively by using a new sensitive method to obtain mucin-type sugar chains quantitatively as radioactive oligosaccharides from a small amount of glycoproteins. The mucin-type sugar chains of all hCGs include sialylated and nonsialylated Gal beta 1----3GalNAc and Gal beta 1----4GlcNAc beta 1----6(Gal beta 1----3)GalNAc. In the case of normal hCG and hydatidiform mole hCG, oligosaccharides containing the tetrasaccharide core occupy approximately 10% of the total mucin-type sugar chains. The ratio of the tetrasaccharide containing oligosaccharides is increased prominently to approximately 60% in choriocarcinoma hCG. The proportion in invasive mole hCG was also increased, but less than the proportion of choriocarcinoma hCG.

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