Fast 3D form measurement using a tunable lens profiler based on imaging with LED illumination

Opt Express. 2021 Jan 4;29(1):385-399. doi: 10.1364/OE.413182.


We present a fast shape measurement of micro-parts based on depth discrimination in imaging with LED illumination. It is based on a 4f-setup with an electrically adjusted tunable lens at the common Fourier plane. Using such a configuration, the opportunity to implement a fast depth scan by means of a tunable lens without the requirement of mechanically moving parts and depth discrimination using the limited spatial coherence of LED illumination is investigated. The technique allows the use of limited spatially partially coherent illumination which can be easily adapted to the test object by selecting the geometrical parameters of the system accordingly. Using this approach, we demonstrate the approach by measuring the 3D form of a tilted optically rough surface and a cold-formed micro-cup. The approach is robust, fast since required images are captured in less than a second, and eye-safe and offers an extended depth of focus in the range of few millimetres. Using a step height standard, we determine a height error of ±1.75 μm (1σ). This value may be further decreased by lowering the spatial coherence length of the illumination or by increasing the numerical aperture of the imaging system.