Effects of Prolonged Sitting with Slumped Posture on Trunk Muscular Fatigue in Adolescents with and without Chronic Lower Back Pain

Medicina (Kaunas). 2020 Dec 23;57(1):3. doi: 10.3390/medicina57010003.


Background and Objectives: This study investigated the effects of prolonged sitting on trunk muscular fatigue and discomfort in participants with and without chronic lower back pain (LBP). Material and Methods: This study included 15 patients with LBP and 15 healthy controls. All participants were instructed to sit on a height-adjustable chair with their knee and hip joints bent at 90° for 30 min, in slumped sitting postures. Surface electromyography was used to assess the median frequency of the internal obliques (IO)/transversus abdominis (TrA) and multifidus (MF) muscles. Perceived discomfort was measured using a Borg category ratio-scale. Median frequency of the trunk muscles and perceived discomfort after 30 min of sitting were compared with baseline. Result: There were no significant differences within the group and between both groups in the median frequency of bilateral IO and MF muscles. The LBP group showed significantly greater perceived discomfort after prolonged sitting, as compared to the control group. Conclusions: Prolonged sitting with slumped posture could increase the risk of experiencing lower back discomfort.

Keywords: discomfort; fatigue; lower back pain (LBP); sitting.

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  • Adolescent
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