Laser beam focusing through a moderately scattering medium using a bimorph mirror

Opt Express. 2020 Dec 7;28(25):38061-38075. doi: 10.1364/OE.408899.


The rarely considered case when the optical radiation passes through the weakly scattering medium, e.g. mid-density atmospheric fog with the number of scattering events up to 10 was investigated in this paper. We demonstrated an improvement of focusing of a laser beam (λ=0.65 µm) passed through the 5 mm-thick layer of scattering suspension of 1 µm polystyrene microbeads diluted in a distilled water. For the first time the low-order aberration corrector - wide aperture bimorph deformable mirror with 48 electrodes configured in 6 rings was used to optimize a far-field focal spot. We compared efficiencies of the algorithm that optimized the positions of the focal spots on Shack-Hartmann type sensor and the algorithm that optimized the peak brightness and the diameter of the far-field focal spot registered with a CCD. We experimentally demonstrated the increase of the peak brightness of the far-field focal spot by up to 60% due to the use of the bimorph deformable mirror for beam focusing through the scattering medium with concentration values of scatterers ranged from 105 to 106 mm-3.