Definitions of Computer-Assisted Surgery and Intervention, Image-Guided Surgery and Intervention, Hybrid Operating Room, and Guidance Systems: Strasbourg International Consensus Study

Ann Surg Open. 2020 Nov 20;1(2):e021. doi: 10.1097/AS9.0000000000000021. eCollection 2020 Dec.


Objective: To develop consensus definitions of image-guided surgery, computer-assisted surgery, hybrid operating room, and surgical navigation systems.

Summary background data: The use of minimally invasive procedures has increased tremendously over the past 2 decades, but terminology related to image-guided minimally invasive procedures has not been standardized, which is a barrier to clear communication.

Methods: Experts in image-guided techniques and specialized engineers were invited to engage in a systematic process to develop consensus definitions of the key terms listed above. The process was designed following review of common consensus-development methodologies and included participation in 4 online surveys and a post-surveys face-to-face panel meeting held in Strasbourg, France.

Results: The experts settled on the terms computer-assisted surgery and intervention, image-guided surgery and intervention, hybrid operating room, and guidance systems and agreed-upon definitions of these terms, with rates of consensus of more than 80% for each term. The methodology used proved to be a compelling strategy to overcome the current difficulties related to data growth rates and technological convergence in this field.

Conclusions: Our multidisciplinary collaborative approach resulted in consensus definitions that may improve communication, knowledge transfer, collaboration, and research in the rapidly changing field of image-guided minimally invasive techniques.

Keywords: computer assistance; guidance systems; hybrid operating room; image guidance; minimal invasion.