Correlative Imaging of Motoneuronal Cell Elasticity by Pump and Probe Spectroscopy

Biophys J. 2021 Feb 2;120(3):402-408. doi: 10.1016/j.bpj.2020.12.021. Epub 2021 Jan 7.


Because of their role of information transmitter between the spinal cord and the muscle fibers, motor neurons are subject to physical stimulation and mechanical property modifications. We report on motoneuron elasticity investigated by time-resolved pump and probe spectroscopy. A dual picosecond geometry simultaneously probing the acoustic impedance mismatch at the cell-titanium transducer interface and acoustic wave propagation inside the motoneuron is presented. Such noncontact and nondestructive microscopy, correlated to standard atomic force microscopy or a fluorescent labels approach, has been carried out on a single cell to address some physical properties such as bulk modulus of elasticity, dynamical longitudinal viscosity, and adhesion.

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  • Elasticity
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