Psychological correlates of anxiety in response to COVID-19 outbreak among Iranian University students

Curr Psychol. 2021 Jan 6;1-10. doi: 10.1007/s12144-020-01237-7. Online ahead of print.


The present study aimed to investigate the psychological factors associated with anxiety in response to the COVID-19 pandemic among Iranian university students. Two hundred and sixty-four (264) students of an Iranian university answered an electronic online questionnaire from 11 through 18 March 2020. The electronic questionnaire included six subscales namely, the Corona Anxiety Inventory, the Anxiety Sensitivity Index, the Social Trust Questionnaire, the Health Anxiety List, the Corona Facts Quiz, and the Trust in National Action in The Face of Corona Inventory. The results of regression analysis showed that the general health concern, the physical component of anxiety sensitivity, and knowledge related to corona facts were significantly associated with anxiety caused by the COVID-19 outbreak. However, belief in honesty at the community level and confidence in national measures taken against Corona were significant negative predictors of anxiety caused by the COVID-19 outbreak. The findings have implications for countries involved with the COVID-19 pandemic on how to implement their health programs.

Keywords: Anxiety; COVID-19; General health; Iranian university students.