Intraovarian insertion of autologous platelet growth factors as cell-free concentrate: Fertility recovery and first unassisted conception with term delivery at age over 40

Int J Reprod Biomed. 2020 Dec 21;18(12):1081-1086. doi: 10.18502/ijrm.v18i12.8030. eCollection 2020 Dec.


Background: The use of autologous platelet-rich plasma as an ovarian treatment has not been standardized and remains controversial.

Case presentation: A 41½-year old woman with diminished ovarian reserve (serum anti- Müllerian hormone = 0.163 mg/mL) and a history of 10 unsuccessful in vitro fertilization cycles presented for reproductive endocrinology consult. She and her partner declined donor oocyte in vitro fertilization. They were both in good general health and laboratory tests were unremarkable, except for mild thrombocytosis (platelets = 386K; normal range 150-379K) discovered in the female. The patient underwent intraovarian injection of fresh platelet-derived growth factor concentrate administered as an enriched cell-free substrate. Serum anti- Müllerian hormone increased by 115% within 6 wks of treatment. Spontaneous ovulation occurred the month after injection and subsequently the serum human chorionic gonadotropin was noted at 804 mIU/mL. Following an uneventful obstetrical course, a male infant was delivered at term without complication.

Conclusion: This is the first description of intraovarian injection of enriched platelet-derived growth factors followed by unassisted pregnancy and live birth. As a refinement of conventional ovarian platelet-rich plasma therapy, this procedure may be particularly valuable for refractory cases where prognosis for pregnancy appears especially bleak. A putative role for thrombocytosis is also viewed in parallel with mechanisms of action as advanced earlier. With continued experience in ovarian application of autologous platelet growth factors, additional research will evaluate laboratory protocol/sample preparation, injection technique, and patient selection.

Keywords: Cytokines; IVF.; Infertility; Platelet-rich plasma; Ovarian rejuvenation.