A Practical Experience on the Amazon Alexa Integration in Smart Offices

Sensors (Basel). 2021 Jan 22;21(3):734. doi: 10.3390/s21030734.


Smart offices are dynamically evolving spaces meant to enhance employees' efficiency, but also to create a healthy and proactive working environment. In a competitive business world, the challenge of providing a balance between the efficiency and wellbeing of employees may be supported with new technologies. This paper presents the work undertaken to build the architecture needed to integrate voice assistants into smart offices in order to support employees in their daily activities, like ambient control, attendance system and reporting, but also interacting with project management services used for planning, issue tracking, and reporting. Our research tries to understand what are the most accepted tasks to be performed with the help of voice assistants in a smart office environment, by analyzing the system based on task completion and sentiment analysis. For the experimental setup, different test cases were developed in order to interact with the office environment formed by specific devices, as well as with the project management tool tasks. The obtained results demonstrated that the interaction with the voice assistant is reasonable, especially for easy and moderate utterances.

Keywords: Amazon Alexa; Jira; internet-of-things; project management tool; sentiment analysis; smart office; usability; voice assistant.