Ibuprofen Arginate for Rapid-Onset Pain Relief in Daily Practice: A Review of Its Use in Different Pain Conditions

J Pain Res. 2021 Jan 25;14:117-126. doi: 10.2147/JPR.S280571. eCollection 2021.


Ibuprofen is one of the most frequently used analgesics. One of the concerns related with the oral administration of conventional ibuprofen is the relatively slow absorption, which is clinically a relative inconvenience when rapid-onset analgesic effect is required in patients suffering from acute moderate/severe pain. A new oral dosage formulation of ibuprofen containing the L-arginine salt of ibuprofen (ibuprofen arginate) has been commercialized for more than two decades, but data reported in the literature are relatively scarce. This article presents salient findings on pharmacokinetics, pharmacological activity, clinical efficacy and tolerability of ibuprofen arginate, with the purpose to provide clinicians with a summary overview of some frequent acute pain conditions, such as dental pain, dysmenorrhea, headache or postoperative pain in which ibuprofen arginate may be considered the drug of choice in individual patients.

Keywords: analgesic efficacy; arginine; ibuprofen arginate; pharmacokinetics.

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  • Review